Al Telal 1


Al Telal 1 is a huge project in the city of Lusail, Qatar. It includes 17 buildings with apartments of different sizes and designs, including normal and duplex apartments. It is a fascinating project exclusively managed by Al Bandary in the highest standards of quality and beauty of the design, in addition to accuracy and great professionalism.


Taking place in Lusail City, this project is a great opportunity for those who are looking for modernity, prosperity and great future; this is because of the modern and ambitious society in Lusail. The smart, peaceful and inspirational environment combines artistic elements of architecture with various practical and versatile services in order to satisfy all the needs of the residents.

Lusail City has its own major goal, which is to build a developed, prosperous and harmonious community, by making balance between the aesthetics of the building and meeting the needs of people living together in an intelligent and inspiring community.

Luxury Facilities

We are exclusively participating in a project inside that promising city, which will become one of the most important cities in Qatar, and will be a prominent part in the growth and prosperity of civilization of the state as it will be a completed city full of green spaces, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, in addition to the charming beach.

Property Address

City: Lusail City       State: Qatar       Country: Qatar

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